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The steam is excellent

Analysis by John Mendes(2010/08/18)

t's reallyamazing electronic cigarette SMUKY. Besides the design tambémo price, quality and functionality are excellent. The steam is excellent and the tobacco flavor is almost equal to the real... Although I prefer menthol!

I urge you to buy!

And if the case is being torn between shops, I personally advise SMUKY because in addition to what I stated in earlier tambémo service and speedy delivery is fantastic!

Do not hesitate. Health First!

Immediately reduce the conventional cigarette

Analysis by Eloisa(2010/11/11)

Use only two days ago and immediately reduce the consumption of conventional cigarettes. The intention is, short-term use only Smuky.

He could not talk about the quality and functionality as the fact that a trademark in Portugal should make all the difference, but still speak the same:Practical to use, Easy to handle (given the weight of smuky compared to conventional cigarettes, was not easy the first day getting used to me) and is also a "cigarette" beautiful. I mean, like the others. Who is farther away do not realize it ....

Best of all it is I do not do harm to health, as do conventional cigarettes, do not leave scent, not basement roof of the yellow car, do not leave the mat or towel with gray, my hands do not stink, who is not thereby interfere with me as the vapor dissipates almost immediately, and (I confess that this pleases me), work my colleagues still go out there smoking, is sun or rain, and I do not need to get up the desk :-)

I can only thank you for having the opportunity to have known Smuky and have the privilege to use ... Now I get to experience the different flavors ..

Oh, and it is time to stop so-called conventional cigarettes!

Superior Quality

Review by Fernando(2010/10/04)

I've had another brand of electronic cigarette, but the fact is superior quality and superior durability of the cartridges, much higher.

The Delivery time is exceptional,and in case of payment cards, is very secure, via paypal.Ainda not completely left the traditional cigarette, but has reduced considerably.

Before he smoked a pack through the 2 packs a day. Currently smoke less than half a pack a day!

The aim is to wipe out the traditional cigarette.

I do not want anything else!

Analysis by Isabel(2010/09/26)

I left completely conventional cigarettes. The Smart Kit PCC's great for the easy loading of batteries, and I only regret having invested in the kit initially simpler: it is better to go straight to the Smart PCC.

I agree: the initial samples should contain a cartridge with each flavor. I had to "smoking" five cartridges with a flavor I did not like anything! For me the best is the mint.

Advantages Smuky not yet described: my car and house are no longer filled with ash and smell the smoke. Me too!

I do not want anything else!

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