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SMUKY products are manufactured in China on the licensing and quality assurance deepend Ltd. The SMUKY ensures that manufacturing processes comply with all standards of hygiene and safety at work, through external audits.

All products are patented and SMUKY have all the legal and quality certificates. The net that underpins the functioning of the Electronic Cigarette has been subjected to rigorous laboratory testing by SGS.

A key reason of products SMUKY be considered the most robust and efficient, relates to the choice of the best raw materials, namely:

  • All sprayers are covered pottery, unlike ordinary glass alloy. Thus, the atomizer can reach higher temperatures resulting in higher steam production and duration of the atomizer;
  • All batteries are contained in the products SMUKY lithium-based, unlike Nickel Cadmium, which reduces the memory effect and increases their longevity;
  • The pressure sensors contained in the batteries of the Electronic Cigarette is the toughest market in respect to collisions, temperature and humidity, making the Electronic Cigarette SMUKY the more robust the market;

The SMUKY warns of the various products of low quality, no certifications or laboratory testing, misleading advertising, which are proliferated by several Internet sites, claiming the same functionality and safety of patented Electronic Cigarette.

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