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Since 2004, when the first presentation of the World Electronic Cigarette, controversial and plagued the market of smokers has been undergoing a major evolution of all time.
After more than four years, we realize that the little Portuguese bid was not to follow such a revolution was already underway in several countries. So we came to SMUKY.

The SMUKY, appeared in May 2009 with the aim to revolutionize the lives of all smokers. Owned by deepend Ltd, was the first brand of Electronic Cigarettes to be registered in Portugal.

In the first six months of activity already had thousands of satisfied customers, assuming at the outset as the national benchmark in electronic cigarettes.


The SMUKY's mission is to become a worldwide reference in Electronic Cigarette.
To this end, its main strategy the quality of its products and customer satisfaction, including:

  • Using the best raw material to manufacture its products;
  • Investment in innovation and improvement of manufacturing processes, ensuring the qualitative leadership of its products;
  • Certification of their products by independent bodies;
  • Audits contained in the manufacturing procedures and quality of raw materials used;
  • Making customer satisfaction a continuing obsession, always exceeding their expectations;
  • Total transparency by providing as much information to the client;
  • Satisfaction Guarantee and may return the products in case of dissatisfaction;
  • Maximum ease of purchasing our products, to ensure the earliest of its delivery, and increase the security of transactions, thereby minimizing the distance of a typical online store;


The SMUKY could never become a benchmark without regard to their social responsibilities, civic and environmental issues. As such, it is guided by a set of values that serve as pillars to their daily activities:

  • Providing all conditions worthy of the best space to work;
  • Ensure that manufacturing processes comply with all standards of safety and hygiene at work;
  • Advertise their products in a transparent manner, without misrepresentation or misleading;
  • Availability to answer all questions pertaining to their products in a fully transparent and misleading information;
  • Comply with all its environmental obligations with regard to treatment and recycling of electronic waste;
  • Give priority to recyclable materials in the manufacture of their products;

6 months were devoted to research, development and brand creation SMUKY. The results are reflected in our quality products and unparalleled transparency.

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