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Since 2004, when the first presentation of the World Electronic Cigarette, controversial and plagued the market of smokers has been undergoing a major evolution of all time. After more than four years, we realize that the little Portuguese bid was not to follow such a revolution was already underway in several countries. So we came to SMUKY.
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SMUKY products are manufactured in China on the licensing and quality assurance deepend Ltd. The SMUKY ensures that manufacturing processes comply with all standards of hygiene and safety at work, through external audits.
All products are patented and SMUKY have all the legal and quality certificates. The net that underpins the functioning of the Electronic Cigarette has been subjected to rigorous laboratory testing by SGS.
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The SMUKY takes very seriously the views of their clients.
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Over the past few years SMUKY has been reported in various media.
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