Christmas 2010 - Promotion Kit Smart PCC Zero Euros

Conditions for promotion "Smart PCC Kit at Zero Euros"

1 - For every Smart PCC Kit purchased during the day 22, 23 and 24 December 2010, priced at 88.80 Euros, it will be automatically assigned to you a coupon with the value of 8.80 Euros which can be used 10 times , totaling 88.80 Euros, the price for Smart PCC Kit.

2 - The coupon will not be provided in case you use another coupon for the purchase of Smart PCC Kit, during the promotion.

3 - The coupon can be used until 31 December 2011, and could be used by anyone.

4 - You can only use the coupon one time per order, and since it's value is greater than 50 Euros.

5 - The coupon is assigned to each client , and he is responsable to make it available to third parties. SMUKY can't be responsible for coupon misuse that has been provided to third parties. If you do not want to make it available to others, please store it somewhere safe.

6 - If a customer returns the Smart PCC Kit during the 15 days allowed, the coupon will be voided. If the coupon is used during those 15 days, it will be deducted from the value used in the return value of Smart PCC Kit. As such, if you want to give the coupon to others, do it only if you don't want return the Smart PCC Kit.

7 - The coupon will be printed on the purchase invoice, which will follow along with the order.

8 - To use the coupon, you should enter it in the appropriate field when finalizing the order, or provide the same to the seller when the order was made by telephone.