The Electronic Cigarette

What is Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic Cigarette is the new revolution in marketing directed at smokers. We believe this product will contribute to the eradication of the ills of tobacco is so many years affect the Human Being.

The Electronic Cigarette is a nonflammable atomizing device, which uses micro electronic technology to atomize the liquid contents of a disposable cartridge. It offers the smoker the option to satisfy your craving for nicotine in a more healthy and safe, releasing him from further restrictions on the use of conventional cigarettes in public places.

The main differences between conventional and cigarette Electronic Cigarette are the following:

  • Without any tar and carcinogenic substance found in a conventional cigarette;
  • Not flammable, eliminating more than 4,000 chemicals, including carbon monoxide, produced by conventional cigarette. It also eliminates the risk of fire;
  • It is not harmful to people around - no passive smoking;
  • Can be used safely in locations designated "no smoking".

Features of the Electronic Cigarette

  • No spark, no fire risk;
  • Simulates the conventional act of smoking, through a vapor produced by atomization of a liquid contained in a disposable cartridge;
  • Indicator light to produce steam, which simulates the combustion of tobacco in conventional cigarettes;
  • Does not contain any tar and carcinogenic substance;
  • It contains carbon monoxide and any chemical harmful to health;
  • Lets get the feeling of relaxation achieved with a conventional cigarette (nicotine cartridges);
  • Chance of rounds without using nicotine, making it 100% healthy;
  • Completely harmless to people around;
  • Various flavors and nicotine levels;
  • Reusable;
  • Much lower cost than the use of conventional cigarettes.

Looks like a cigarette, but is not

The Electronic Cigarette has been designed to resemble as closely as possible with a conventional cigarette, thereby allowing more smokers see this as a healthier alternative hypothesis of substitution and eradication of the traditional cigarette.

This requirement includes the following:

  • Cylinder structure, length, diameter and weight as close to a conventional cigarette, according to models;
  • Light at the end, which lights up in proportion to the inhalation of the user;
  • Cartridge filters identical to those of conventional cigarettes;
  • Production of steam, sensible and visually simulates the conventional cigarette smoke. To produce steam, just use the electronic cigarette as a conventional cigarette;
  • Available in several flavors, and the Tobacco closest to a conventional cigarette.

Once such resemblance may cause some concern for those around him, other versions are also available unmistakable with the conventional cigarette, where the models stand out in color Black and Blue indicator light.

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