Smoke Anywhere

Smoke Anywhere

Law 37/2007 of August 14 came "to establish limits on smoking in indoor spaces for collective use, in order to ensure protection from exposure will the smoke of tobacco. "

In Article 2, have the following points:
j) 'Tobacco products' means any product intended to be smoked, sniffed, sucked or chewed inasmuch as it is, even partially, consisting of tobacco, whether genetically modified or not;

l) 'Tobacco products for oral use "means products intended for oral use consists wholly or partly of tobacco in the form of powder or fine particles or any combination of these forms, particularly those that presented in sachet portions or porous sachets or in a form resembling a food, with the exception of products for smoking or chewing;

q) 'Tobacco' leaves, and veins of the leaves of the plant Nicotiana tabacum L. and Nicotiana rustica L., whether sold in the form of cigarettes, cigarillos or cigars or pipe or stings to manual for making cigarettes, is to form roller, bar, sheet, plate or cube or reduced to powder ; or beans;

The user of the electronic cigarette is excluded from this Act since this product contains no tobacco, does not require ignition to work, nor does it produce any smoke from the combustion of substances.

As such, the Electronic Cigarette can be used at all locations in which the Law 37/2007 of 14 August limited the use of tobacco (eg: Restaurants, Airports, Theaters, etc.).

Should also be noted that the steam produced no smell and dissolves instantly in the air, making it completely safe for those around you.

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