How It Works

Components Electronic Cigarette

The Electronic Cigarette consists of 3 main parts: battery, atomizer and cartridge.

  • Bateria:
    Has a Micro-chip sensors and inhalation. Whenever you use the Electronic Cigarette, the sensors detect the amount and strength of the inhaled air.
    The micro-chip calculates the amount of energy delivered to the atomizer so as to produce steam inhalation.
    It has a Indicator Light located on the edge of the battery, which is responsible for transmitting various information to the user:
    • Lit simultaneously with the inhalation.
    • Flashes a specified number of times to inform the user of various situations (eg need for battery recharging, etc.).
    Battery Indicator Light and are available in various colors.
  • Atomizer:
    Responsible by atomization of the liquid in the cartridge, resulting in the production of steam that simulates a conventional cigarette smoking.
    It is connected to the battery through a high-precision screw.
    It is connected to the cartridge under pressure.

  • Cartridge:
    The cartridge is both inhaler and container of the liquid to atomize.
    Connects to pressure atomizer.

    All cartridges are supplied with a liquid solution, whose main ingredients are:
    • Propylene glycol(Occupies 70% to 90% of the solution, responsible for creating the vapor)
    • Flavor  (Responsible for the taste of tobacco, mint, vanilla, chocolate, etc.).
    • Nicotine  (May contain nicotine in various levels, in amounts proportional to those found in conventional cigarettes)
    There are four different types of liquid solutions, as the approximate amount of nicotine contained:
    • Alto - 18mg / g (1.8%)
    • Normal - 14mg / g (1.4%)
    • Low - 11mg / g (1.1%)
    • Zero - Does not contain nicotine

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