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The Electronic Cigarette

The Electronic Cigarette is the new revolution in marketing directed at smokers.
We believe this product will contribute to the eradication of the ills of tobacco is so many years affect the Human Being.
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How It Works

The Electronic Cigarette consists of 3 main parts:

  • Battery;
  • Atomizer;
  • Cartridge;
Looks like a cigarette, uses himself as a cigarette, throws "smoke" like a cigarette, but not a cigarette.
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Of all the substances harmful to health found in a conventional cigarette, the Electronic Cigarette contains nicotine only (in versions with nicotine), such as pharmaceuticals used for smoking cessation.
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The Electronic Cigarette can be used at all locations in which the Law 37/2007 of 14 August limited the use of tobacco (eg: Restaurants, Airports, Theaters, etc.).
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More Economic

With the Electronic Cigarette, the equivalent of 20 conventional cigarettes will cost you only 0.73 Euros.
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Propylene glycol

The Propylene glycol is an organic compound, usually a little sweet, odorless, colorless, transparent and slimy.
It is a liquid hygroscopic (absorbs water from air) and miscible (capable of mixing it with water).
It is the substance responsible for the production of steam from the Electronic Cigarette.
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Nicotine is an alkaloid obtained from natural plant Tobacco Nicotania Tobaccum. Other substances are alkaloids: caffeine, cocaine and morphine.
Nicotine is metabolized in the liver, but also in smaller amounts in the lungs and brain.
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