Challenge "Cost Zero"

Challenge "Kit Cost Zero

So you can start with the Electronic Cigarette, is required an initial investment of purchasing a Starter Kit Smart Kit or PCC. Such investment may be seen by our customers as an extra expense, not at present with conventional cigarettes.

In reality, as you can see, this initial investment is repaid in a very short time, and will be much less than would have spent on tobacco.

For this cost is not an excuse to postpone this change in your life, we advise all our customers to follow the challenge, "Kit Cost Zero.

Briefly, the challenge "Kit Zero Cost" is an initial time period during which only should use the Electronic Cigarette until it consumed in quantity and cost the same as would have spent on conventional cigarettes. At the end of the challenge, have spent the same as conventional cigarettes to spend, with the particularity that gets a new Electronic Cigarette at zero cost.

You can use the following calculator to simulate the duration of the challenge "Kit Zero Cost", adapted to their habits of smoking (a).

Complete the following data. The calculation is done automatically.

How many cigarettes do you smoke per day now?
How much is a pack of smokes that brand of tobacco? (Euros):
What you want to buy the kit?:

Calculation for the use of cartridges

Number of days to get to Zero Cost Kit:
Quantity of packs to get the kit at no cost:
5 boxes of cartridges needed to get the kit at no cost:

Calculation for the use of liquid

Number of days to get to Zero Cost Kit:
Quantity of packs to get the kit at no cost:
10ml bottles until the kit needed to be Zero Cost:


Fill up the data to automatically generate the summary.

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