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Challenge "Zero Cost"

The challenge "Kit Zero Cost" is an initial time period during which you must use the Electronic Cigarette until it consumed in quantity and cost the same as would have spent on conventional cigarettes. At the end of the challenge, have spent the same as conventional cigarettes to spend, with the particularity that gets a new Electronic Cigarette at zero cost.
Use our calculator to simulate a challenge to its measure


You can make your orders by telephone or directly in our Online Store.
Our technology "One Page Checkout, which facilitates the completion of your order without registering.
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Payment Methods

For comfort and security, you can pay your orders at delivery, at no additional cost.
If you prefer, you can also pay by Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.
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Delivery & Shipping

The SMUKY guarantees hand delivery on the business day following the order (for mainland Portugal). If you are not in place, you can still make the withdrawal of CTT at the station nearest post office.
Free shipping on orders over 50 Euros.
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Warranties & Returns

All products are guaranteed to SMUKY two years, with repair / replacement within 48 hours.
The SMUKY offers a satisfaction guarantee and can test our products for 15 days and return the same in case of dissatisfaction.
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Terms and Conditions

The use of our services is backed by these Terms and Conditions should be consulted before making any purchase. The purchase of any product SMUKY implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
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